Use your garage or shed year-round with metal building insulation

Metal buildings have come a long way from airplane hangars and steel barns. Today, metal buildings are increasing in popularity specifically because of their cost-effectiveness and versatility.

A metal building may be used in a residential or commercial setting as a:

  • Garage
  • Storage Shed
  • Home
  • Office
  • Industrial Plant
  • Factory Warehouse
  • manufacturing facility
  • Church
  • Recreation center

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Could your metal building benefit from insulation?

Almost any type of steel structure can benefit from metal building insulation. While it may seem obvious that a residential home or commercial office should be insulated to permit use in each season, a garage or storage shed could be used year-round when proper insulation precautions are taken.

Here are several benefits to consider of insulating your metal building:

  • Prevent condensation. Insulation within a metal building will create a vapor barrier that will prevent condensation from collecting on the interior. This can help to protect the structural integrity of steel materials to resist the formation of rust.
  • Control heat flow. Insulation works as a barrier in a metal building to slow down the circulation of heat; this obstruction will keep heat inside a building in cold months and repel heat in warmer weather. When heat transfer is controlled in a metal building, energy efficiency will improve to lower utility costs significantly.
  • Muffle noise. In a structure like a garage or shed, insulation can be used to control noise in a metal building. If a garage is used as a workshop, for example, insulation can absorb sounds from power tools, saws, and the like to prevent a neighborhood disturbance.
  • Improve light efficiency. Steel building insulation is often protected with laminate facings that will reflect light in a building. This reflection will help to enhance light efficiency to lower electricity costs even further.

What type of insulation is right for your metal building?

The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association recommends fiberglass insulation for metal buildings to provide the many benefits listed above. However, some suppliers prefer spray foam insulation beyond basic fiberglass insulation to fully insulate a metal building that may be especially vulnerable to condensation in humid weather.

Metal buildings built in humid climates may further benefit from spray foam insulation to prevent sweating that could result in water dripping from the ceiling. Over the long-term, this type of moisture corruption could damage valuables within a building and permit mold and mildew growth behind insulation layers.

No matter what method of insulation you choose, proper insulation for a steel building can be used to save money over time by improving energy efficiency. Insulation can also protect the integrity of a metal structure by resisting condensation that could cause irreparable damage.