Make sure you have metal building blueprints before your project starts

A steel building construction project isn’t ready to begin without first drawing up metal building blueprints. In the same way that you wouldn’t set off on a road trip without a GPS system, starting metal building construction without the proper blueprint could easily spell disaster.

Whether you’re working on a DIY project like a storage shed or planning to build a commercial office facility, a cohesive blueprint will guide you each step of the way, while taking into account local building regulations.

Why do you need a blueprint for your metal building project?

Even if you have years of experience in metal construction, a blueprint will provide a clear guideline to get you through a project smoothly from start to finish.

Compare Building Prices

A steel building blueprint will take into account various factors that include:

  • Structure location. Based on regulations from your local building department, a steel structure may need to be built a certain distance from other buildings or within lines of a city lot. Location may also govern the size of building construction; neighbors will need to be informed in advance if the new construction of a multistory metal building could obstruct their view.
  • Square footage. In order to purchase the right size metal building kit or the proper prefabricated materials, you need to know the exact floor plan and size of the metal structure you intend to build. Average steel building square footage can start as low as 1000 ft. for a garage or storage shed up to 8000 ft. for a four bedroom residential home. Blueprint plans for a commercial metal building will be even more extensive in a warehouse or factory structure encompassing thousands of square feet.
  • 3-D viewing. In order to provide a more accurate representation of a residential or commercial metal building, a designer or engineer may create a 3-D blueprint. A 3-D design will utilize real-world statistics and architectural details to reflect the final appearance of a metal building with potential exterior embellishments in stone, stucco, brick, or glass.

Steel building blueprints factor in local building regulations

Before embarking on any type of construction project, small or large, a steel building blueprint should include requirements needed to meet local building ordinances. Depending on the location, a property could be zoned for either residential or commercial use. City zoning may dictate the square footage, height, and outer appearance of a building, which will be reflected in the final blueprint.

If you thought a metal building blueprint was optional before now, think again. Many local governments require a physical blueprint to be submitted in advance before a construction permit will be issued.

A metal building manufacturer should be able to provide required certified blueprints for permit applications at the local government level. Depending on the manufacturer, a metal building supplier may charge an additional price if a city building department requests original wet stamped blueprints for project approval.