Why pre-engineered steel buildings are right for your project

Technology has affected us in every walk of life, and the construction industry is no exception. Instead of manually constructing a steel or wood building, one of the latest trends in construction engineering is to manufacture pre-engineered steel buildings to cut down on building time – without sacrificing quality.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, fast, and durable construction solution, prefabricated steel buildings may be your best bet.

Here are some top benefits to consider of using a pre-engineered steel building for your next project:

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  • Cost. With the use of a pre-engineered steel structure comes significantly lower labor costs by cutting out the need for on-site construction altogether. This helps to lower the price of a pre-engineered building considerably. Prefabricated or modular buildings made from steel are pre-engineered at factory quality. Not only is steel a more inexpensive building material compared to wood, but mass factory manufacturing can help to keep total building costs low without compromising safety or quality.
  • Speed. A pre-engineered steel structure can be erected in a remarkably short amount of time, especially with an experienced construction company. Once prefabricated materials have been delivered to a job site, step-by-step assembly can begin immediately. Compared to a conventional steel structure, delivery time is shortened at eight weeks versus up to six months; less labor time in prefabricated construction could cut up to 20% off the total cost of a project.
  • Efficiency. Compared to a wood building, a steel building provides maximum energy efficiency with low-cost heating and cooling thanks to improved insulation. The use of a prefabricated building can help to cut down on annual energy costs for a business or warehouse; light colored steel roofs help to reflect heat in hot summer months to make cooling even more affordable.
  • Durability. Compared to a wood building, a pre-engineered steel structure won’t rot, settle, twist, or warp over time. This type of metal building is designed to withstand the elements in inclement weather conditions, helping a business to maximize their investment. Although durable, a pre-engineered structure is also 30% more lightweight than a conventional steel building since factory-manufactured steel is produced more efficiently.
  • Versatility. A prefabricated building can be used for a number of purposes in a retail, office, manufacturing, or warehouse structure. On top of that, length, height, and width can be customized to modify a pre-engineered building even further. Even with these modifications, the design time of a pre-engineered structure is drastically lower than a conventional steel structure since outside input from an engineer or architect isn’t needed.

While steel in itself is an affordable, long-lasting building material to use for any project, prefabricated steel could save you up to 40% per square meter compared to conventional steel. Whatever your project needs may be a prefabricated steel structure could fit the bill to save you both time and money on construction.