Metal vs wood — which makes more sense?

In the metal vs wood debate, which building material wins? While metal buildings have only been around for the past 60 years, their popularity has grown immensely in the past few decades, often becoming the substitute of choice for buildings formerly constructed of wood. Not only are metal building prices more economical than traditional stick-built construction (read our page on metal building pricing), but also, metal buildings are designed and erected far faster than traditional buildings. We’ll tell you how metal buildings help your pocket book ,but also the ways in which they don’t match up with typical wood construction.

The cost savings of metal building construction come primarily from the fact that their various sections are pre-built inside a factory, before being shipped to the construction site. This is why metal buildings are often referred to as pre-engineered metal buildings or prefab metal buildings. Because these pre-built metal building sections are fabricated inside a factory, the fabricator is able to pass on savings by avoiding costly weather delays, improving efficiency through an assembly-line approach and buying materials in bulk. And because your pre-engineered metal building is pre-assembled in a factory, the quality can be guaranteed. The assembly-line approach ensures that their processes for construction have been repeated time and time again, improving quality and accuracy.

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Metal vs wood – Drawbacks and benefits of wood buildings

The primary disadvantage of a wood building is the dramatically increased cost. However, you also must consider the added time it takes to design and erect your building. Not only will you need to work with an architect to design your building, but also you will have to work around weather delays during construction.

On the other hand, wood construction’s primary advantage is the customization. If you have very specific design needs then wood may be your best option, as long as you’re willing to pay the extra cost and wait for the added time that wood construction requires.

How can I make a metal building look like a classic “stick built” building? In the metal vs wood debate, it’s a common thought that wood buildings are far easier to customize than metal buildings. However, today’s technology and customization options now means that you can have your building look exactly like a true stick-built building. No longer can you only choose a color for the corrugated steel, now you can choose a stucco facade, a wood facade, etc. The options are varied, and the price range for these options is huge, so make sure you speak with multiple suppliers about their choices and options.

In the metal vs wood debate, it’s clear that metal buildings are more cost-effective, equally customizable, and more durable than wooden structures.

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