Use metal building accessories to upgrade your steel structure

Metal building construction is on the rise thanks to its cost-effectiveness and quick turnaround time. As the economy bounces back, the real estate market is experiencing steady growth, but builders are understandably still hesitant to invest in major developments. This is precisely why you may see more steel structures popping up in your local neighborhood – in residential homes, office parks, churches, and rec centers.

Steel as a building material has a wide range of benefits, starting with its low cost, quick construction time, attractive appearance, low maintenance needs, and energy efficiency. An inexpensive steel building is easy to customize with a selection of metal building accessories and add-ons.

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Multifunctional metal building accessories and upgrades

You can get more bang for your buck in metal building construction by using customizable accessories to upgrade your structure.

Some of the most common metal building accessories on the market include:

  • Skylights – Skylight roof upgrades let in natural sunlight to keep heating costs low in cooler weather and reduce electricity costs year-round.
  • Windows – A standard metal garage or rec center may not come with windows; window upgrades can provide both light and ventilation for more functional facility use.
  • Vents – Low-profile vents support building circulation and expel heat in hot weather; commercial ridge vents promote air movement to reduce overall energy costs.
  • Awning – Awnings provide shelter over door openings for all-weather protection.
  • Mansard walls – Decorative paneling or trim projects from the face of a steel wall panel; may be available in various finishes.
  • Partitions – Interior partitions can section off areas of a large steel structure for multiple uses.
  • Doggy doors – Residential metal structures may include dog door cut-outs customized for different dog sizes.

Metal building customizations are available in:

  • Color selection – Color customizations vary for roof and wall panels; colors may include white, light gray, silver metallic, charcoal, deep blue, deep green, dark brown, slate, maroon, and more.
  • Building trim – Customized trim choices may include rake, corner, and eve trim; made-to-order gutter trim is also an option.
  • Door type – Door selections include standard walk-in or roll-up doors; roll-up doors are popular upgrades for metal garages and auto mechanic shops.

Designing a metal building step-by-step

One of the best ways to tailor a metal building to its purpose is to take advantage of add-ons, accessories, and customizations. Standard metal buildings come in a wide range of sizes that will depend on the manufacturer; widths may range from 30′ to 100′ with square footage from 900 ft.2-15,000 ft.2.

Upon ordering a steel building, a manufacturer may request custom specifications for doorframe opening locations, window sub frames (if included), canopy extensions, gutter and downspout add-ons, and interior liner panels to provide a finished look.

All customizations and specifications will be built into a standard metal frame to create a complete steel structure. Metal frame selections will vary based on size, purpose, and construction location. Frame types may include tapered or straight column gable, single slope, lean-to, or modular span with 1-3 supporting rows.