Compare Building Prices

Tips on finding the best metal building dealers

If you are going to purchase a new car, you will probably spend hours researching manufacturers, makes, and models online before investing your hard-earned money. Right? In the same manner, buying a metal building for residential or commercial use is a matter that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Why get quotes from multiple metal building dealers?

Depending on size, use, and customizations, a standard metal building can range greatly in price from as little as $8450 for a 30 x 40 x 12 building up to $23,950 for a 60 x 100 x 14 building.

Compare Building Prices

Price will vary even further based on manufacturer. For this reason, industry experts recommend getting a minimum of at least three quotes from metal building dealers before making a final purchase decision.

As you’re gathering information from manufacturers, it’s important to focus on features and customizations included within the total price. It’s also recommended to contact your local building department in advance to determine what building codes must be met in your specific location. A building manufacturer may request this information before providing a final price quote since local zoning codes can influence cost.

It’s all in the plans

Just because a metal warehouse is built to an existing blueprint or design doesn’t mean it meets all the building codes in your area. If your building doesn’t meet snow or wind codes, you’ll be on the hook for costly changes or improvements.

Before finalizing your order, make sure you get a final set of the plans, including any custom changes you’ve made, and get them approved by your local building inspector. While it may take a little extra time, it’s better than gambling or just taking the supplier’s word that everything will be fine.

Most manufacturers will request basic details in order to provide a more accurate price quote for a metal structure, like:

  • Width
  • Length
  • Height
  • Roof Pitch
  • Eave height
  • Quality of doors/windows
  • Insulation
  • Location

The more information you can provide in an initial quote request, the more accurate your price estimate will be. As a word of caution, it?s important not to automatically assume that doors, windows, and accessories will be included in a price quote. Make sure to ask each manufacturer about additional surcharges that could further add to the cost of your metal building before making a final buy.

Who are the top dealers on the market?

If you don’t know where to begin when pricing metal buildings, start with these leading suppliers:

  • Arco: Manufacturing steel building since 1979 for agricultural, industrial, warehouse, and church use; prices start as low as $8199 for a 30 x 50 x 10 building.
  • US Buildings: Offers hurricane rated steel structures with a 35 year warranty; clearance steel buildings are available on the official website at a discounted price.
  • Steelsmith: Manufactures steel buildings with one of the strongest, non-prorated warranties in the industry; building categories include industrial, warehouse, aviation, church, equestrian, agricultural, garage, and much more.
  • Nationwide Metal Buildings: Provides commercial, religious, industrial, agricultural, and aviation pre-engineered steel buildings; all prefabricated metal buildings are entirely customizable.
  • Outback Steel Buildings: Manufactures metal buildings for barns, garages, homes, construction, and commercial purposes; buildings feature all-steel construction with greater design flexibility.

When comparing prices among dealers, make sure to use the same specifications for each metal building quote. If one dealer provides a remarkably low price, it may be worth investigating; paying too little for a metal building could mean that a supplier is cutting corners.