Delivering a steel building is quick, efficient

One of the most important parts of buying a steel building is the delivery and set-up process. Delivering a steel building demonstrates some of the top benefits of this material, because delivery and setup are amazingly quick and efficient. That’s part of what makes steel buildings a hugely popular option for owners who need a speedy, fuss-free process. But as the new owner of a steel building, you also need to take responsibility for the delivery process and do your part to ensure the building is completed smoothly.

Ordering the Building

The first step is ordering your steel building correctly. This varies depending on the type of building you chose. Prefab steel models tend to be in stock, easy to choose, and easy to ship. They have very quick turnaround times. More modern modular steel buildings have more room for customization. Fully customized buildings will be built based on plans made between you and steel building contractors.

Compare Building Prices

Generally speaking, the more customized the building is, the longer it will take to ship. Still, delivering a steel building remains a very rapid process compared to stick-built or even manufactured homes. The delivery should take place in no more than several weeks. Some companies allow you to choose an express delivery that guarantees the building in under a month.

Site Preparation

Site preparation is up to you. Once you know the delivery schedule, you need to be prepared to receive, pay for, and often unload the components of your building. The site should be clean, leveled, and ready for construction. Typically a concrete base is required for even the simplest buildings. For the more complex ones, you need to arrange for the foundation to be set and ready for construction.

There is always some room for leeway with steel contractors. Some may offer unloading services, for example. But it will always be your job to have the site prepared, and have some sort of shelter for the components — even if it is just a set of tarps to protect them from the weather.

Building Construction

Steel buildings go up very quickly and leave little mess in the process. Erection may only take a few days in optimal conditions, but weather will play a role, as will the complexity of your building. Some steel contractors will set up the building for you, while others only create and deliver the components, leaving you to set up the building yourself or rely on additional contractors for the work.

Remember, when picking out a steel building, the most important decisions are yours! Keep track of schedules and understand what you will be responsible for. This will improve the already speedy delivery and construction process.