How much do steel shop buildings cost?

Steel shop buildings are widely-regarded as far superior to their brick or wood counterparts for one simple reason: durability.

Delivering enhanced protecting against corrosion and other environmental wear and tear, these advanced shops withstand a far greater range of threats, including snow, ice, rain and wind. This level of durability is due in large part to the steel components used for roofing material, possessing a high tensile strength that will most likely never need to be replaced within the lifetime of the shop.

Steel shop buildings are typically available in two main styles: traditional straight-wall and Quonset hut. Easily distinguished, the straight-wall design looks like a standard building while the Quonset looks like a loaf of bread. Depending on your intended usage and location, the architectural design of the Quonset is also valued as it naturally provides an enhanced level of protection against catastrophes like earthquakes, hurricanes and gale-force winds.

Compare Building Prices

Average Costs of Steel Shop Buildings

One of the most cost effective types of metal buildings, steel shop buildings range in price from as little as $7 per square foot up to $20 per square foot for basic models with no installation. Depending on the size you’re shopping around for and your location (which impacts the shipping cost), the average price you can expect to pay may fall within the following range. You should always compare steel building prices between suppliers, because you can often bargain for a better deal.

What Can Steel Shop Buildings Be Used For?

Though steel shop buildings can be custom-tailored to fit just about any purpose or end use, they are consistently built to provide added space onto a home, apartment complex or office building. Among the most popular uses are:

Artist Workspace or Craft Room – Few things nourish creativity more than a getaway. And with steel shop buildings, your escape is just a few steps away. Similar to any other construction, the interior of a artist’s studio or craft room can be designed to exact specifications, allowing you to create a space that is both functional and Feng Shui. Plus, with the durable construction and enhanced protection available through insulation, a remote shop is a safe, climate-controlled place to store finished works or extra supplies.

Home Office – Second only to the productivity found in the artist’s workshop, a home office is rising in popularity as people continually move away from the corporate world and establish their own businesses. Serving to completely separate the work space from the home environment, a home office prevents unwanted distractions during work hours, provides ample storage for VIRTUALs, samples or equipment and also keeps you from taking your work home with you, so to speak, by providing two distinct environments for both.

Mini Garage – What mechanic wouldn’t want his own garage? Unfortunately, when you factor in the cost of standard construction, it’s often just a pipe dream. But with steel shop buildings, you can erect an attractive, functional garage with little financial investment and almost no effort. Similar to the artist shop or home office, a garage can be designed to accommodate tools large and small, up to and including hydraulic lifts and other large equipment. To provide a real life example: a consumer recently reported purchasing a 40X60 metal building with one 10-foot drive-in door and one 36-inch walk-in door. Construction also featured complete insulation (3 inches thick) and shipping of materials to location. Total cost: $12,550.

Storage or Personal Shop – Who among us couldn’t use a little extra storage? In fact, many of us could use a lot! If you take a moment to add up the monthly fees paid to public storage, you’d find that steel shop buildings would more than make up for their cost in the span of just a few years. To provide a real-life example, a consumer recently installed a 30X38 square foot metal building to be used as a personal workshop, the kit including panels, plans, trim pieces and hardware but no end walls. Total cost: $9,000.