Find steel buildings for storage

The simplest type of steel buildings for storage is the Quonset hut. Invented during World War II to allow quick construction by troops in the field without special equipment, Quonset huts are constructed using a series of interlocking metal arches. Each arch stretches from floor to ceiling to floor again, and arches are stacked up one after the other, the building begins to take shape.

The curved walls that result from this method of construction run the length of the building. There are only two flat walls these huts, one at each end, which limits the placement of doors and windows. However, if you’re building steel buildings for storage purposes, windows are probably aren’t the highest priority on your list.

Compare Building Prices

Arch-style steel buildings for storage are often sold as kits for residential buyers as steel storage sheds. You can choose this method, or buy a larger Quonset that requires more experienced installers. Either way, you’ll likely save money over other types of steel buildings.

Larger steel buildings for storage

Quonset huts are a relatively inexpensive way to add a small amount of space, and so they’re popular with consumers looking for a garage or shed. However, many businesses find that they need straight-wall steel storage buildings instead: they want customized doors, windows, and other building add-ons, additional stories, or simply more space than a Quonset hut can handle.

Steel storage buildings can be adapted to a wide variety of uses. Metal warehouses are one of the most popular: a storage building can often be as simple as a large steel box. However, in many cases you’ll want more than that.

Steel buildings for storage can be multi-storied, although single-story construction is the most common. Depending on what you need to store, you may want to consider mezzanine-style construction, which adds upper levels to some parts of your building.

The biggest advantage of steel buildings for storage is how quickly and inexpensively they can be constructed. You can get a bare-bones steel storage building for as little as $5/square foot in some cases — far less than you’d pay for traditional construction.

Make sure you know what you get for a low price, though: delivery and installation can add thousands of dollars your costs, so be sure they are accounted for in every estimate you review.