How to Compare Pole Barns Prices

Written By Eisla Sebastian

Pole barns can be great as an outbuilding for your business’s storage needs. It’s vital to note that pole barns prices can range dramatically based on your geographic location. Also keep in mind that there is more to building a pole barn then simply ordering a pole barn kit. There are many factors to consider and questions to ask your supplier before you write a check or hand over a credit card. This site is a great way to see the pole barns prices that others paid, and to compare custom prices between multiple building suppliers.

Uses of pole barns

Pole barns are simple post-and-beam buildings that have traditionally been used for storage. However, these outbuildings can also be used as a garage or as office space. Even some coffee stands have utilized pole barns for their drive-up operations.

Compare Building Prices

The main advantage of using a kit to build steel pole barns or wooden pole barns is that they are prefabricated for quick assembly. In most cases you can put pole barns together with a small crew in a weekend with a little carpentry experience. Another advantage of pole barns is that they tend to cost less per square foot. Keep in mind that the kit price most likely only includes the shell cost and not the interior, tools or construction costs.

Pole barns prices that others paid

“$16,000 for a pole barn 30/40/15 with two overhead doors and one walk through, erected. Prior to choosing this company I received pole barns prices of $20,000 and $21,000 for the same building.”

-Business Owner in Bozemqn, MT

“Did not purchase a steel building. I purchased a pole barn at approximately $10,000. I had been seeing pole barns prices of upwards of $12,000 elsewhere.”

-Buyer in Yellville, AK

“I purchased a pole barn type garage for a complete price less wiring for $13,200.00 Built by my son-in-law.”

-Buyer in Farwell, MI

“I was in the market for a less expensive building for storage. I went with a pole barn package from Sutherland Lumber for $8,200. Their pole barns prices were superior to others I was seeing.”

-Buyer in Dickinson, TX

“If I had time I would have built this myself but they did not have a local contractor to recommend. My final choice was $14,700 fully installed pole barn.”

-Buyer in East Amherst, NY

“Worldwide buildings contacted me with pole barns prices. They had a very nice product, but the price was the deciding factor. The pole building I bought had the same warranty and $4000 less than another company, and included construction.”

-Buyer in Wausau, WI

“I bought a 24×36 pole building, and had it attached to my existing pole building, 4″concrete, 1 man door, 2 10×10 roll-up doors, 18″ roof overhang, $11,500.”

-Buyer in Newberg, OR

“I received pole barns prices from a few local suppliers near me. I decided to get a 28’x40′ pole building with a 16’x8′ garage door and 36″ walk-in door, with concrete floor. It cost $15000.”

-Buyer in Monmouth, IL

Questions to ask before buying pole barn kits

Like other real estate, you need the facts before buying a pole barn kit. First is to understand what the purchase price includes. Most quoted prices only cover material costs for the shell. You need to figure out the construction, wiring, hookups, foundation and other costs so you can put together a budget. Next, you will need to know the project’s interior and exterior size, which impact the usability of the pole barn. Finally, you need to ask if additional tools or supplies are needed to complete your pole barn project; vendors of pole barns may sell an assembly package separately from the shell kits.

DIY vs. contractor

The final question about pole barns is whether they should do it yourself or hire a contractor. The answer is that “it depends.” The pole barn kit size, your carpentry experience, access to help and local building codes all impact whether your pole barn is a DIY project or a hire-out one.

Before committing either way, we recommend that you talk to several steel building suppliers who can assess your specific situation and skills, guiding you towards a DIY or contractor decision. By using this website, you can connect to multiple metal building dealers who will provide you with competitive pole barns prices which you can then compare. Compare prices for metal buildings to find reputable pole barn suppliers for your project.