How can metal building kits make your construction project easier?

Metal building kits are growing in popularity as they are available for a number of project needs, regardless of size, from a small storage shed to a large warehouse building. Also known as a steel building kit, a metal building kit provides pre-engineered panels used to quickly and efficiently construct a complete metal or steel building. Within the kit, a steel frame, walls, and a roof are included.

Depending on the manufacturer, metal building packages can be customized by:

  • Building size
  • Walls
  • Roofing
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Architectural details
  • Color
  • Trim
  • Skylights
  • Insulation

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What benefits can a metal building kit provide to your project?

Since a steel building kit will be conveniently assembled on-site, it can offer numerous benefits to a construction project, like:

  1. Lower cost. The use of steel as a building material in itself can help to cut down on construction costs substantially compared to stone,lumber, concrete, or cinder block. In addition, a building kit will provide assembly with reduced material requirements to lower the cost of construction even further.
  2. Quick construction. With the use of a building kit, construction of a steel structure is easier than ever before; a steel building kit will be shipped directly to a job site for instant assembly right “out of the box.”
  3. Easily customizable. When ordering a steel building kit, you’ll receive the best of both worlds: You won?t have to pay a high price tag to hire an architect or engineer for design, yet you can still customize a steel structure based on size, shape, color, trim, roofing style, and much more. If you don’t like what you see when shopping with a certain manufacturer, you can move on to another building kit supplier to potentially find a wider selection.
  4. DIY advantage. With the use of a steel building kit, you’ll be in charge of your own construction project. If you consider yourself handy in the DIY department, you can take charge of your metal building construction each step of the way. This freedom can be an advantage as you set your own project guidelines without having to work with a general contractor.
  5. Warranty protection. Even though you’re purchasing a prefabricated building kit, it should still be protected with a manufacturer?s warranty as an industry standard. Some building kit manufacturers provide heavy-gauge commercial materials that are backed with a 25 year rust-through warranty from the factory steel mill.