Tips on choosing a gable roof style for your metal building

If you’ve driven past a metal building recently, you’ve likely seen a gable roof atop the steel structure. A gable style roof is one of the most popular metal roof types on the market. Most metal building manufacturers recommend gable style structures because the roof is easy to build, ventilates well, and complements a variety of residential and commercial designs.

Steel straight wall buildings with gable roofs

Metal buildings may be available customized or prefabricated. Nonetheless, you’re likely to find a number of metal building designs based on a typical style: straight walls with a gabled roof.

Metal buildings in this style may include:

  • Residential homes
  • Storage facilities
  • Commercial office parks
  • Barns
  • Riding arenas
  • Agricultural facilities
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Recreational centers
  • Aircraft hangers

A straight wall design provides a rigid frame to support a peaked gabled roof. Straight wall metal structures with a rigid frame are frequently used for large facilities that require open interior space. A rigid frame will provide a column-free clearspan interior with average bay spacings from 20′-30′; eve heights may range from 10′-25′; spans may range from 20′-150′.

When to consider a gable style roof

A peaked gable roof is a sleek, classic design that is popular for a number of reasons.

Gable Roof

Some of the benefits of selecting a gabled roof for a metal structure include:

  • Simple to build
  • Sturdy design
  • Sheds water easily
  • Supports proper air circulation
  • Offers vaulted ceilings
  • Lower construction cost

A metal building constructed in a cold climate can benefit from a gabled roof compared to a single slope or straight column roof atop a straight wall structure. If rain, snow, or ice is at all a possibly, a gable style roof is preferred. A gabled roof will support more efficient water runoff and will prevent a heavy snow load from accumulating in one location on a roof structure; snow deposits on a roof can quickly lead to roof damage or collapse.

When it comes to simple gable style roof construction, there is one caveat. The higher the pitch of a gabled roof, the more difficult it is to construct. Elaborate gabled roofs atop a straight wall structure are not recommended. Steep gabled roof pitches may make truss design difficult and could cost more to build.

A gabled roof and straight wall frame combo pack a powerful punch. A straight wall metal building is affordable, easy to build, and multipurpose in its use. A gabled roof atop a straight wall steel structure is low-cost, sturdy, and simple to construct. Even better, straight wall buildings are easy to expand upon. If a business, church, or agricultural plant grows in the future, expansion is seamless by adding length or width.

Straight wall gable metal buildings are considered universally cost-effective. Factors like structural design, building width, accessories, and labor can influence the total price of a structure. A basic 40′ x 50′ x 14′ straight wall building may start at $8400; a larger 100′ x 100′ x 18′ straight wall building could cost up to $29,400 for total construction.