Keep property secure in metal aircraft hangars

Metal aircraft hangars are an excellent choice to house all types of specialized vehicles. This building option offers multiple advantages to buyers who are seeking a flexible, economical building option. It can provide an open, airy space for maintenance staff to work in, and it can be constructed quickly.

Flexible and Economical to Build

Aircraft hangars must be designed and built to meet strict code requirements to comply with all federal, state, and local regulations. A metal structure can be designed to suit your specific needs, including the number and size of the machinery you wish to house in the facility. The structure will be large enough to take into account aircraft wing clearance, and you can add the number and style of doors that suit your needs best.

Compare Building Prices

Metal-framed buildings can be constructed relatively quickly, especially over a full slab foundation or dirt or gravel base. They are fastened with bolts and screws, which will remain in place over time without warping or shrinking. Shorter construction time means lower labor costs and a more economical product. The price of steel is generally stable, which also helps to keep construction costs down. And it’s not just an up-front savings: Metal buildings won’t catch fire, so insurance costs will stay low once the building has been erected.

Dry, Safe Interior for Maintenance Crews

Choosing a metal aircraft hangar makes sense for aircraft owners, since this type of structure is very easy to keep dry. Your aircraft will be sheltered from the elements when not in use, and your maintenance crew will be able to do their work in comfort.

Because of that dry interior, you have a lower risk of accidents caused by wet surfaces. You will be able to offer a safe, secure place for your crew to work, which keeps productivity up and work-related injuries to a minimum. Also, the size of these spaces allows for more flexibility to move aircraft and support vehicles, so workers don’t have to worry about working in cramped conditions.

Additional Advantages

Going for a metal hangar for your aircraft over a traditional wood structure also gives you the option of being able to dismantle and relocate the hangar, if necessary. Demolishing a wooden structure and rebuilding it would not only be time-consuming, but very expensive. If need be, you can also add to an existing metal building, which would also give you more flexibility.

Since using environmentally friendly building products has become even more important for consumers recently, it’s important to note that metal aircraft hangars are considered green building products. Steel is a recyclable product and it is resistant to rust. Choosing it makes good sense from an economical and environmental standpoint.