Why Mueller Metal Buildings Deliver Quality

Finding an affordable way to expand a business or situate a home for better functionality can be a challenge. Mueller metal buildings offer homeowners and businesses the opportunity to do it without big crews and high construction costs. From the selections in the D.I.Y. Series to pre-designed and custom-made structures, you’ll find Mueller has the solution to nearly every problem a business owner or family could have. Here is a look at highlights from the Mueller product line:

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The D.I.Y. Series. Mueller’s do-it-yourself line allows you to add storage space to any property without complicating your life. With six sizes and numerous colors from which to choose, you only need a drill to bolt together the parts of these prefabricated building. There’s no complicated welding or any other drawbacks to the D.I.Y series, which also includes carports and greenhouses. Screws, pre-cut parts, and erection drawings come with the detailed instructions. Mueller customers have remarked that beginners may find assembly complicated, yet anyone experienced in assembling small structures can likely handle the job of a D.I.Y. setup.

Standard Series. Mueller’s Standard Series buildings are known for their ease of assembly as well as their overall quality and high level of design. The heavy steel parts provide durability and flexibility for businesses and homes, and do not require welding to assemble. Mueller has a quality system in place with its Standard Series: Customers get erection drawings and decades-long warranties on both the roof and walls.

Choice Series.For anyone who wants a custom design for a special structure in the works, Mueller metal buildings can be plotted exactly to your wishes by the in-house engineering team. It’s essential to check with your local building codes before ordering, but once that’s out of the way, you simply tell engineers what’s on your mind. They’ll draw up the plans, supervise the manufacturing of the structure, and pass along the custom building to you. Mueller is known for the high quality, durability, and overall beauty of its structures. Requesting a custom building will give you more reason to enjoy the longevity and efficiency of Mueller metal buildings.

Greenhouses, Carports, and Components. While carports and greenhouses can satisfy the needs of any homeowner, they also can be easily assembled at a low price. A Mueller D.I.Y. Greenhouse provides galvanized steel coverage, U.V. protection, and poly-carbonate panels. The D.I.Y Carports by Mueller are a cinch to assemble, come with all bolts and screws, and can be customized with different trim options. If you want to replace certain elements in your building (i.e. doors), Mueller also offers individual components.

Mueller’s signature efficiency, durability, and longevity will fit right into most plans you have for a home or business. Ask your insurance agent if metal roofs might even yield a discount on policies protecting the structure.