MBMI Metal Buildings Are as Green As They Are Affordable

MBMI is company that fields a team of expert engineers, draftsmen, and designers to deliver metal construction solutions. Known for its economical work in churches, commercial structures, barns, and garages, the MBMI approach is as green as it is sensible. One statistic is telling: MBMI metal buildings may consist of as much as 60 percent recycled materials. Another key aspect of the MBMI experience is the speed and efficiency with which they get to work. Here is what you can expect from a metal building from MBMI, whether you are looking for your home or business.

Compare Building Prices

Economical Solutions for Home- and Small Business Owners

Metal buildings are often used as inexpensive options for homeowners who need storage, extra garage space, or a barn on the property. The most affordable pre-fab building from MBMI starts just over $10,000. The 30 x 40 steel building can serve as a workshop or other type of storage facility, especially as a carport.

Touted as capable of withstanding hurricanes, blizzards, and even earthquakes, buyers have the option to customize according to your taste. The 40 x 60 steel building with similar specs starts at $15,731.

Commercial Applications for MBMI Metal Buildings

Farmers looking for an economical way to add a barn onto their property can look to MBMI for a solution. The structures can withstand up to 200-mph winds, and come with clear-span design that helps you maximize space inside. Steel barns are easy to set up and require minimal maintenance. The designs can go up to 200 feet wide. MBMI also has riding arenas and airplane hangars in their product roster.

But these structures go beyond agricultural uses. MBMI-built airplane hangars, for example, can hold some of the largest airplanes in the sky — up to a C-130. Other commercial offerings include offices and storefronts, which can contain multiple businesses or single-owner operations.

Green Specifications

Steel buildings are inherently green because they use many recycled materials, and can be recycled themselves when they are no longer useful to owners. MBMI pledges to push the green factor beyond the competition’s practices, providing buildings with up to 60-percent recycled content. This aspect of construction will appeal to many businesses that care about the short- and long-term impact of their operations. MBMI buildings are also made in the United States of America, so you’re supporting domestic workers when you support this company.

Churches and Mobile Home Storage

Steel buildings are a popular choice for churches because of the economical price tag, as well as the short time span it takes to erect one. Mobile-home garages are another use for the MBMI building list. Investors are increasingly getting interested in mobile home parks, and these garages can be used to make it easy on travelers as they come and go.

MBMI’s choices in metals buildings deliver on cost, quality, and green factors. Find out how the excellent prices quoted for delivery in your area.