Where Armstrong Steel Buildings Tower Above the Pack

Armstrong Steel buildings are as sturdy as their name. Unique building features produced in modern manufacturing facilities give Armstrong an edge on the competition in terms of overall quality, a fact made plain by customer reviews of their structures. The package Armstrong presents makes it economical to create a variety of structures with small teams you know will last for decades, something backed up by company warranties. Here is what to expect from an Armstrong metal building.

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Armstrong Building Features

The process of galvanization makes the jambs, girts, and purlins of Armstrong buildings hold up better over time. “Red dust” won’t show after construction. The long-life fasteners feature stainless steel, while the I-beam end-wall framing delivers impressive strength and stability.

The roof and wall panels you get in an Armstrong building fully overlap the corrugation, a feature that dwarfs the offerings of the competition. The protection against moisture and damp is the reason why the maintenance costs of these buildings remains low. The long-lasting paint finish covers the aesthetic aspect as well.

Attractive Guarantees on Life of Parts and Delivery

The Armstrong guarantees stack up against all industry competition. In terms of structural warranties, they offer a whopping 50 years, while delivering 40 years of coverage on paint, and 35 years on the integrity of the roof. Fasteners get a lifetime warranty. Municipal buildings are such a good fit for Armstrong Steel structures because of these assurances.

Metal buildings provide cities with options for transitioning workers to new facilities while construction is being finished. Because they can be assembled and taken down with ease, there is little stress and no waste for municipalities on a budget.

Customers Note Armstrong Delivers as Promised

One only need check a few of the testimonials posted on different websites for Armstrong Steel buildings to get a feel of the high opinion past customers have of these structures. One client had a 3,000-square-foot barn assembled in six days by a team of four people. He went with Armstrong because of the quality of the materials and the details in the plans. Despite the fact that local companies offered similar price points, the client preferred the superior quality and finely planned Armstrong structure. Other clients remark on how straightforward the process is. The resulting buildings turned out exactly as they’d wanted them.

Armstrong Steel buildings have delivered for customers in the past because the craftsmanship of each element is worthy of the attractive warranties. If your home or business could use a building that lasts for decades in excellent condition, Armstrong structures present an affordable option.